We walk in the shadows to protect innocents. We are the vanquishers of demons and evil and servant to the God Shang-Ti. We carry the mark of the Ancient Ones and live by the code of respect, loyalty, courage and truth… We are the immortal Ghosthunters.



Ghosthunter SIENNA is sworn to save mankind from the Ancient Enemies, spirits and demons that walk the earth. For centuries, she protects the innocents—alone, until she saves the life of a man who has the ability to save or destroy her kind.

Renowned philanthropist AIDAN O’FLANNERY wants to settle down with an uncomplicated woman. When he discovers the rare amulet he owns has the power to alter and steal people’s destinies, his simple future becomes complicated. He soon finds returning the precious artifact to its rightful owner is as difficult as ignoring his desire for the warrior-goddess who cuts a trail of chaos through his life.

With a knack for disappearing when Aidan is close to breaking down her emotional barriers, Sienna must allow her broken heart to heal. Aidan’s touch ignites a fire she’s longed denied, yet also holds a powerful connection to her past. He is the reincarnation of the first man she loved and lost. Now Sienna must choose between her duties and her soulmate.

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Outline Stage...

Ghosthunter Kaleo is a renegade who’d rather catch a monster wave than fight the gruesome demons from which she’s supposed to be saving the world. With centuries of playing the good girl under her belt, she finds her work a bit on the boring side. Fortunately, her perks are in the form of kicking demon butts and lounging on the hammock outside of her Hawaiian beach bungalow. Things turn interesting when the Night Marchers are unleashed upon the island, lost spirits in search of their leader.

The god, Judgment, is summoned by the Ancient Ones to make a decision on punishing Kaleo for centuries of insubordination. In truth, he has secretly observed the Ghosthunter and could not make a definitive decision as to which way Kaleo swings on the scales of judgment-- good versus evil. He decides to keep an eye on her until she does something to swing his vote.

When Judgment claims a body to host his existence, Kaleo mistakes him for an amnesia victim. She would love to leave Luke Blakely to the sharks, but decides nothing would be more entertaining than to give the island’s most ruthless land developer a life altering change.

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Outline stage...

Elkin, the spirit elf, comes from an ancient race created to act as conscience and protector of their assigned Ghosthunter. Since her beloved warrior has turned Oric, an Oracle, she is left to wonder who she would be passed on to next to protect and serve. With a few hundred years of waiting ahead of her, Elkin decides to take a vacation and sneaks into the mortal realm.

Caught in a spiritual storm, Elkin is transformed into her human disguise and lands unconscious in the arms of Chase McAddams, resident werewolf. He believes Elkin is a lady warrior and makes it his mission to lead her back to her group. Nothing is as simple as that. Chase doesn’t want to break the millennia old rule decreed by the Ancient Ones, but he can’t help falling in love with the mighty Ghosthunter.

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